Género: Metal

Álbum: The Forgotten Kingdom

Intérprete: Rata Blanca

Canción: Sons of Rock

Sons of Rock


Are you racing through your lives? Do you live for rock and roll?
We dont care what people think, we love the night.
No illusion just the power, I hear everybody scream,
As the dance upon the dreams that they were always meant to find.

Can you feel it? Can you heart it? Its a word you cant forget.
Feel the changes, let them touch you, let the music take control.
Rock and roll, rock and roll

Youre not able to disguise, if youre faithful to the cause,
You can feel the passion deep down in your soul.
When you hear that raging sound, feel the power and the truth,
Tear away the chains that made to hold you down, down, down.

All believers in our doubt, trying to rip through inside lies,
But heres something theyll never understand.
Though the message sometimes changes, still the passion will remain,
Well by here long after all of them are gone.

Nothing killed it, nothing changed it, theres feeling here in raw.
Can you feel it? Can you heart it? Maybe now youre standing tall.
Rock and roll, rock and roll, rock and roll, all rock and roll

Fuente: Musixmatch

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